The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me - Cast

Here are some shots of the cast I lit from The Devil In Me. Myself and Jenny lit this entire project for nearly a year with just the two of us. Getting both a solid environment lighting pass done, and a decent cinematic lighting pass in where anim data would allow. An insane feat in itself, considering the scale of the branching narrative scenes. We managed to implement so many new workflows and engine features from our learnings on HoA, which allowed us to light and iterate quickly, without which there wouldn't have been a chance in hell of us remotely keeping up with the amount of work. I left before this project was finished, so the rest of the team did an amazing job getting the cinematic lighting over the line. Thanks to Mara for grabbing a few shots for me as well. A Massive shout out to the character art team too for their incredible work and push for quality in these characters. They were a pleasure to light.