The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes - Above

I was fortunate enough to work on the third instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes!
I was responsible for environment lighting, cinematic lighting and grading on my levels, ensuring TDP tone is carried through the game as well as pushing visual quality forward.

This post is dedicated to the above ground levels I worked on. The Prologue, set in 2231BC which allowed for some creepy torch lit catacombs, grand temples and an eerie eclipse. The others, set in 2003. Salim's home which we wanted to be a happier moment in the game, everything is safe, well lit, warm and fuzzy. Then in total contrast, the last level in the game - Eclipse. Probably one of the bigger technical lighting challenges having 5 characters wielding flares and using them to fight a swarm of vampires. Nevertheless we pulled it off and bathed the scenes in chaotic red flare lights for their fight to the death!

Credit to the rest of the amazing team at SMG for creating such awesome characters and environments to light, as well as the rest of the lighting team!

Art Direction - David Hirst
Game Director - Will Doyle
Lighting Producer - Sarah MacKenzie
Senior Lighting Artist - Jenny Yang
Lighting Artist - Thomas Djalloul
Lighting Artist - Rob Ritchie
Lighting Artist - Marco Carmo
Lighting Artist - Mara Cerreti